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Philipp Kronberg Interview

Posted by Marquis Who's Who Moderator on

Kronberg_Philipp_2203323Title: 1) Physicist 2) Visiting Scholar

Company: 1) University of Toronto 2) Los Alamos National Laboratory

Location: 1) Toronto, ON Canada 2) Los Alamos, NM United States


A physicist by training, Dr. Philipp Kronberg has led a career devoted to scientific exploration and achievement. He encourages generations to come to enter into the sciences and apply themselves toward deepening our understanding of the world around us, and beyond. Listen in to hear how Dr. Kronberg’s early work helped track cosmological aspects of the known universe.

Listen to Dr. Kronberg’s Marquis Radio Interview:

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David Barton Interview

Posted by Marquis Who's Who Moderator on

Barton_David_2188863Title: Founder

Company: Wallbuilders

Location: Aledo, TX United States


As the founder of Wallbuilders, David Barton is a proud curator of research, as well as historical documents and artifacts, which he uses to equip citizens with the tools required to become active participants in their communities and society in general. Mr. Barton encourages grassroots movements that represent the will of ordinary people, who come together to accomplish great things.

Listen to Mr. Barton’s Marquis Radio Interview:

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Martin O’Connor Interview

Posted by Marquis Who's Who Moderator on

Martin O'ConnorTitle: Economics Professor

Company: University of Versailles

Location: Versailles, France


Born in New Zealand and working abroad in France, Dr. Martin O’Connor studies the ties that connect the interests of economics and wealth generation with the shared ecological wealth that we hold in the world around us. Listen in to hear Dr. O’Connor’s thoughts on how saving the planet could lead to an improved economy.

Listen to Dr. O’Connor’s Marquis Radio Interview:

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Arthur Fleischer Interview

Posted by Marquis Who's Who Moderator on

fleischer-arthurTitle: Medical Educator

Company: Vanderbilt University Medical Center

Location: Nashville, TN United States


As a radiologist with more than 40 years of experience in his field, Dr. Arthur Fleischer has spent his career refining the technology and techniques that help diagnose and treat some of the world’s most complex ailments. Listen in to hear Dr. Fleischer’s thoughts on the future of the field, and how the biggest developments on the horizon are also the smallest.

Listen to Dr. Fleischer’s Marquis Radio Interview:

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Susan Matorin Interview

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Susan MatorinTitle: Senior Lecturer of Social Work in Psychiatry

Company: NY Presbyterian Hospital Weill Cornell

Location: New York, NY United States


Social work is not for the faint of heart, but Susan Matorin felt called to the field, and she has spent her career helping patients overcome self-doubt, anxiety and depression to become more confident and healthy. Listen in to hear Ms. Matorin’s advice to social workers and her own experiences in this challenging but rewarding profession. Click here to view a press release celebrating Ms. Matorin’s professional achievements.

Listen to Ms. Matorin’s Marquis Radio Interview:

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