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Dr. Steven Giannotta

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Title: Neurosurgeon, Chairman of Neurological Surgery
Company: Keck School of Medicine of USC
Location: Los Angeles, CA United States

As a neurosurgeon of the Keck School of Medicine, Dr. Steven Giannotta encourages medical students interested in neurosurgery to pursue this fast-paced and exciting field. Joining the Keck School comes with added benefits to students seeking a rigorous training regimen, as staff members treat a much wider cross-section of patients than would be served at a typical hospital, due to Keck’s status as a safety-net hospital. Listen in to hear about Dr. Giannotta’s subspecialties within the field of neurosurgery, as well as his advice to aspiring professionals in his field.

Listen to Dr. Giannotta’s Marquis Radio Interview:

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Diann Martin

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Title: President, Registered Nurse
Company: Road Scholars
Location: Wilmette, IL United States

As a registered nurse, Diann Martin shares her thoughts on the state of modern medicine and the place of nurses in an increasingly expanding and inclusive industry. Listen in to hear Ms. Martin’s advice to new health care professionals and her advice to the industry as a whole.

Listen to Ms. Martin’s Marquis Radio Interview:

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