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Kirmach Natani Praised for Contributions to Health

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Natani_Kirmach_2190649_01 2Title: Forensic Neuropsychologist

Company: Private Practice

Location: Saint Louis, MO United States


As a forensic neuropsychologist, Kirmach Natani has set himself apart through his diligent care and patient-centered approach. Listen in to hear how Dr. Natani made his mark on the industry.


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Benjamin Kwan Interview

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Kwan_Benjamin_2161367Title: Clinical Professor

Company: Department of Ophthalmology, UCLA

Location: Rancho Palos Verdes, CA United States

As a retired ophthalmologist, Dr. Benjamin Kwan is enjoying his retirement with such hobbies as ballroom dancing, singing and, of course, snorkeling. Listen in to hear how Dr. Kwan remains active in retirement by volunteering with UCLA as a clinical professor and by taking on a leadership role with the Chinese American Ophthalmological Society, which hosts social and academic gatherings to all eye-related health care professionals, the majority of whom are of Chinese descent.

Listen to Dr. Kwan’s Marquis Radio Interview:

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Alec Ingraham Interview

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Ingraham_Alec_2140949_01Title: Retired Professor of Mathematics

Company: Southern New Hampshire University

Location: North Billerica, MA United States


Although he began his education in history, Alec Ingraham transitioned into mathematics and quickly established himself as a knowledgeable and distinguished professor. Now, many years later, he has revisited his love of history with his role as a town historian. Listen in to hear more about Mr. Ingraham’s interesting career in two engaging disciplines.

Listen to Mr. Ingraham’s Marquis Radio Interview:

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Nicholas Henry Interview

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Henry_Nicholas_2254363Title: Professor Emeritus of Public Administration, President Emeritus

Company: Georgia Southern University

Location: Savannah, GA United States


As an educator, Dr. Nicholas Henry takes great pride in seeing his students succeed. His work with educational institutions has been extensive, and his passion for the field of public administration is immediately evident. Listen in to hear Dr. Henry’s thoughts on the field and his remarks on being a teacher for many years.

Listen to Dr. Henry’s Marquis Radio Interview:

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David Brandes Interview

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Brandes_David_2255492Title: Medical Director of Rest Analysis

Company: Hope Neurology

Location: Knoxville, TN United States


Dr. Brandes was drawn to medical research through his passion for science and biology. His work is multifaceted, and it is currently focused in treatment of multiple sclerosis and sleep disorders. Listen in to hear how Dr. Brandes got his start in medicine, as well as some useful advice for those who may have sleep disorders.

Listen to Dr. Brandes’ Marquis Radio Interview:

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