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Steve J Mariotti
Occupation: Founder
Born: Ann Arbor, MI/USA

MBA, University of Michigan (1977); BBA, University of Michigan (1975); Coursework, Harvard University; Coursework, Stanford University; Coursework, Brooklyn College; Coursework, Babson College

Founder, Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship, Center for Entrepreneurship, Philadelphia University (2016-Present); Blogger, The Huffington Post (2015-Present); Founder, Atlas Learning (2014-Present); Founder, President, Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship (1988-Present); Special Education Teacher, New York City Public Schools, The New York City Department of Education (1982-1987); President, Mason Import/Export (1979-1982); Founder, Mason Import/Export (1979-1982); Financial Analyst, Ford Motor Company (1977-1979); Assistant to Senior Vice President of Finance, Ford Motor Company (1975-1979); Fellow for Entrepreneurship Education, Philadelphia University

Career Related
Presenter, Baylor University, Waco, TX (2017); Co-Founder, Inmates Teaching Entrepreneurship and Mentoring (2004); Featured Speaker in Field

Creative Works
Author, "The Insiders Guide to Starting, Financing and Operating a Sustainable Social Enterprise" (2018); Documentary, "Triumph of the Entrepreneurial Spirit" (2018); Author, "An Entrepreneur's Manifesto, Templeton Press (2016); Author, "Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management," Pearson (2011); Author, "Entrepreneurship: Starting and Operating a Small Business," Pearson (2011); Author, "Entrepreneurship: Owning Your Future," Prentice Hall (2009); Author, "Entrepreneurs in Profile: How 20 of the World's Greatest Entrepreneurs Built Their Business Empires... and How You Can Too," Career Press (2002); Author, "The Young Entrepreneur's Guide to Starting and Running a Business: Turn Your Ideas into Money," Penguin Random House (2000); Author, "The Very, Very Rich, How They Got That Way, and How You Can, Too," Career Press (2000); Co-Author, "The Young Entrepreneurs Guide to Starting and Running a Business" (1996); Co-Author, "Entrepreneurship: How to Start and Operate a Small Business" (1995); Author, "Homeboys: Diary of an Inner-City Teacher" (1990); Co-Author, “Educating the Next Wave of Entrepreneurs”; Author, "Goodbye Homeboy; The True Story of Steve Mariotti"; Contributor, Articles, Professional Journals

Golden Lamp Award, The Association of American Publishers (2010); Bernard A. Goldhirsh Social Entrepreneur of the Year Award (2005); Entrepreneur of the Year Award, Ernst & Young Global Limited (2004); Golden Lamp Award, The Association of American Publishers (2002); National Director’s Entrepreneurship Award, Minority Business Development Agency, U.S. Department of Commerce (2002); Appel Award, Price Institute For Entrepreneurial Studies (1994); Entrepreneur Of Year Award, New York State In Support Of Entrepreneurship, Inc. Magazine (1992); Humanitarian Venture Award, ACE/Currie Foundation (1990); Best Business Teacher Of Year, National Federation of Independent Business (1988); Leavey Award For Outstanding Achievement In The Field Of Free Enterprise Education (1985); Best in Category for High School Students, The Association of American Publishers

Active Member, Council on Foreign Relations; Speaker, World Economic Forum

Hobbies and Special Interests
Collecting rare books; Giving historical walking tours; Chess

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